Michael’s strength and integrity to speak truth from God’s Word was what our church needed. It wasn’t a popular message, or always received well, but it was the truth about God’s commission to the church and to us as Christ followers.

Michael’s extensive training, coupled with his discernment and problem solving skills, made a positive impact in every aspect of our church.

I believe that everyone has ministry potential.

Every true believer wants to be a faithful disciple of Jesus! Over the last 30 years, I have used scriptural truths and personal resources to help followers of Jesus become fully-devoted disciples. Using the Scripture and these resources, I help pastors and congregations increase discipleship in every are of  life. It would be my honor and blessing to serve you and your congregation. Let’s work together to create a lasting influence on Kingdom ministry!

Stewardship Is MORE Than Money. Stewardship Is Discipleship!

Every pastor would like to experience increased offerings! After all, more money, means more Ministry and Missions!  One Big Problem. Most pastors are reticent to preach about money! Surveys in one bible-belt state revealed that 60% of the pastors in a large evangelical denomination had no strategic plan to increase offerings. Of the 40% of those pastors […]

Misappropriation of Funds – The Simple Fix (Part 2)

Now that the subject has been broached, let’s discuss how to keep it from happening at your church or organization. Insurance statistics tell us that missing funds generally involve: A female, age 40 or older A church member The only person to account for designated funds or other accounts The person who reconciles the bank […]

A Church’s Nightmare – The Misappropriation of Funds.

When the misappropriation of funds occurs, it does far more than we want to admit. Most congregations look the other way or choose not to deal with it at all! I know of six congregations, and have helped two, within the last six years that have dealt with the heartache and agony of misappropriation of […]

Say No To Money

Most people don’t want a bigger slice of the same pie …. they want a bigger pie! The question is … then why don’t we have  a bigger pie? Michael teaches pastors how to increase their annual budget by taking the fear out of preaching on money and making it a matter of discipleship. Are you looking […]

Knowing Your Numbers

Non-profits face a unique set of IRS regulations. Knowing Your Numbers helps you maneuver the bureaucratic maze of red tape and provides solutions for financial accountability. Let Michael guide your leadership through the industry-standard policies and procedures and protect your organization from finical liability. Format: This consultation is a personalized strategy for your organization’s needs. It can include a […]

Solutions for Life

Everyone has difficulties in their lives. Many are looking for hope in all the wrong places. Solutions for Life teaches people how to have a personal relationship with God and the reward of being faithful disciples in every area of life. Possible topics include: “How to Build a Happy Home”, “Mastering Your Marriage”, “Real-Life Relationships” […]

Making Change

Biblical principles of giving and receiving – learning why you should talk about money – giving people practical tools to reduce their debt Surveys reveal that the large majority of churches do not teach on the topic of money. This is unfortunate because Jesus talked more about money and finances than any other subject. Let Michael […]

One Pastor’s Perspective

Calvin Hubbard, Senior Pastor at Barksdale Baptist Church in Bossier City, LA, recently hosted a SFL Revival. The following post is his experience. Earlier this year, Bro. Michael visited me about helping our church in the area of financial discipleship. He shared information about Compass1’s Navigating Your Finances God’s Way small group study and the Solutions For […]

They Call Themselves "A Family"

I recently had the blessing of attending the COMPASS 2014 International Friends and Family Retreat at St. Simons Island, GA. These folks came from all around America and Canada – eh:) COMPASS is a financial ministry that teaches a holistic, biblical approach to personal finances. Howard Dayton, COMPASS’s Founder, is also Co-founder of Crown financial Ministries […]

Not Enough Preachers?

A preaching draught? You’ve got to be  kidding! You can’t go anywhere without hearing a sermon about something.  From my perspective, however, there is a lack of preaching about the biblical principles of finances. Interestingly, it’s the topic Jesus talked so much about.  Almost half of the parables are about money and possessions. He talked more about finances more […]

The Resource Bin

For a discussion about giving that has inspired others , visit the home page of my friend Jeff Anderson at  www.acceptablegift.org To read about a pastor that the Lord used to successfully “reset” a church’s ministry and future read “change your church for good” by Brad Powell