What Makes A Person “Tick”?

Have you ever wondered why you think and act the way you do? Ever considered what makes a person “tick“? Each of us are are a blend of four personality traits, with one being dominate. Unfortunatley, most people never know their personality blend. More than 1,000 people have taken The Real You  Personality Profile developed by […]

A Sad Day of Irony or A Sweet Day of Life?

For true Believers and true Christ followers – today is a very special day! Resurrection Day / Easter is a day that began a monumental change in the course of the world. Resurrection Sunday and the empty tomb proved to the early world that Jesus Christ of Nazereth was not merely a religious fanatic nor […]

Leadership Retreat at The Circle Church

RMStewart Consulting was honored to participate in the The Circle Church’s first leadership retreat. The Circle Church is a multi-ethnic, church start in Alexandria, LA. The main focus of the evening was The Real You; a personality assessment profile designed by Michael Stewart especially for leadership development and reducing workplace conflict. In addition to the […]

“The Demands on Dads” – Fathers Day 2017

When it comes to the role of Father/Husband, the Scripture is clear. God placed the responsibility of being the spiritual leader on his shoulders. In this sermon, Michael uses Old and New Testament texts to teach fathers that their God-given roles have never changed.  

Workplace Conflict: Let’s Show It The Door

Michael Stewart, of RMStewart Consulting, has used every training/coaching event over the past year to discuss workplace conflict.  He says “Employers in all sectors of large and small businesses are beginning to notice the negative impact of workplace conflict.” Stewart notes that workplace conflict has become a topic of national concern. “The internet is full […]

Team Development Is Worth The Effort

RMStewart Consulting recently had the privilege of holding the first Leadership Team Development Workshop for The Beauregard Parish School Board’s Central Office Team. The Real You personality assessment tool was a major part of the event. Michael Stewart is convinced “that a better understanding of our personality (why we think and behave the way we do) […]