The Blessing of Peace

As Believer’s, we are not immune from problems, pain or bad circumstances in life. We have not been given a “get out of trouble free” card. Sometimes we get hurt by accident. Other times the hurt is intentional. And oddly enough, often the hurt is self-inflicted. No, we were “never promised a rose garden” as […]

Easter Foolishness – from The Shepherd’s Connection

According to Joe McKeever, there are a number of things a pastor should strongly consider not doing on Easter Sunday. In a recent post, he listed 12. I agree with Joe’s assessment and experience. I am guilty of violating several of the suggestions. While you may not agree with all 12,  you can appreciate Joe’s desire to […]

Stewardship Is MORE Than Money. Stewardship Is Discipleship!

Every pastor would like to experience increased offerings! After all, more money, means more Ministry and Missions!  One Big Problem. Most pastors are reticent to preach about money! Surveys in one bible-belt state revealed that 60% of the pastors in a large evangelical denomination had no strategic plan to increase offerings. Of the 40% of those pastors […]

Jesus is BEST – Part 2

In part 2 of this sermon, Michael reminds listeners that a personal relationship Jesus affords believers with incredible blessings and that those blessings should never be taken for granted!  Several of those blessings are mentioned in the tenth chapter of Hebrews.

Jesus is BEST – Part 1

The Bible, from start to finish, is about God’s love for mankind and His plan of redemption. The author of  Hebrews reminds Believers to stand fast in their confession of hope because Jesus is FAR better than any religion, experience or ritual from their past. In this sermon, Michael reminds listeners, that Jesus is the only way we can have […]

Sing, Praise, Shout for Joy

The words sing, shout and joy are used together in Scripture over 100 times; depending on which translation one uses. EVERY TIME, they are used to reference God’s Reign, Rule or Redemption. The first reference occurs in the first book of the Bible; the book of Genesis. Leah gives birth to her last son and […]