I received confirmation that I am now listed on the Louisiana State Bar Association’s approved Registry for Civil Mediators under their ADR section. Throughout the United States, mediation is becoming a frequent alternative to trial. In fact, there are a number of local courts, especially Family Courts, that mandate mediation before adjudication. For one reason, […]

The Trump – Lewis Row. Just How Divided Is America?

David Weigel of The Washington Post writes, “The last Martin Luther King Jr. Day before America’s first black president handed power over to Donald Trump was always going to be awkward. Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, determined just how awkward it would be when he told Chuck Todd of “Meet the Press” that he did not see Trump as […]

I Want More Details

It’s Christmas Eve … even though it’s an overcast, balmy 64 degree morning in Cenla. Far too often we complain about the weather. It’s either too hot or too cold. Too much rain or too dry. I can’t help but wonder what the weather was like as Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem …. considering […]

Certified Mediator

I recently had the opportunity to fulfill a five-year desire. The first time I heard about mediation training, I knew I wanted to become a mediator. Off and on, for several years, I would see articles or advertisements for mediation training. About three years ago I did some serious investigation and got closer than ever to finding […]

Right Answer to THE Question

Jesus asked the disciples who people thought Him to be. They responded that some said He was one of the Old Testament prophets while others said John the Baptist. Jesus then asked THE question; “who do you say that I am?” Peter answered correctly that He was indeed the Messiah (Savior), the Son of the Living God. Even though […]

Sharing the Gospel in Brazil

The people of Brazil are friendly, accepting and gracious. The mission trip to Manaus, Brazil was a life-changing event. Listen as Michael describes how God blessed the team’s efforts and how the experience affected his life.