Team Development Is Worth The Effort

RMStewart Consulting recently had the privilege of holding the first Leadership Team Development Workshop for The Beauregard Parish School Board’s Central Office Team. The Real You personality assessment tool was a major part of the event.

Michael Stewart is convinced “that a better understanding of our personality (why we think and behave the way we do) and an acceptance of other’s personality, inherently reduces the risk of conflict and in some instances, may eliminate it! A team that communicates and works well together will be more productive, effective and efficient.”

Here’s what Mr. Marlin Ramsey, the Assistant Superintendent of Beauregard Parish Schools said about the leadership development event  … “It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Michael Stewart and RMStewart Consulting. Mr. Stewart provided a Leadership Team Development event for The Beauregard Parish School Board Central Office team. The Real You personality assessment tool and discussion of the four personality types was a topic of conversation many days following the training. It made our group more aware of the personality of their co-workers and seems to have reduced conflict and increased communication. We will use Mr Stewart in the future to continue our progress toward the best school system we can be.”

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