Workplace Conflict: Let’s Show It The Door

Michael Stewart, of RMStewart Consulting, has used every training/coaching event over the past year to discuss workplace conflict.  He says “Employers in all sectors of large and small businesses are beginning to notice the negative impact of workplace conflict.”

Stewart notes that workplace conflict has become a topic of national concern. “The internet is full of studies and documentation revealing the burdensome cost and loss of productivity resulting from conflict in the workplace. Yet, many employers have no specific system or process to effectively deal with the problem.”

In his study and research on the subject, Mr. Stewart reveals some troubling news.





Michael Stewart is on a mission to help employers of both religious and non-religious teams reduce the amount of conflict among their employees. To help employers reduce conflict among their team he assesses each member using The Real You. The Real You is a personality assessment tool he designed specifically to help reduce the conflict on any team; large or small; religious or non-religious.

He is convinced that a better understanding and acceptance of every member’s personality reduces conflict and in some instances may eliminate it! After a recent Team Development Workshop, Mr. Marlin Ramsey, the Assistant Superintendent of Beauregard Parish Schools said, “The Real You personality assessment tool and discussion of the four personality types was a topic of conversation many days following the training. It made our group more aware of the personality of their co-workers and seems to have reduced conflict and increased communication.” According to Dan Dana, of the Dana Mediation Institute, “65% of all employee performance problems are due to bad relationships, not bad employees.”[1] Stewart says, “There’s little debate; a team that communicates and works well together will be more productive, effective and efficient.”

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