R.M. Stewart

Throughout my career, I have met or exceeded all job performance and job-related expectations and often rewarded with corporate advancement. I maintain a positive, professional attitude and code of conduct. I am highly organized, goal oriented and focus driven. My strengths are leadership, administration, organization, analysis and discernment. I have a proven ability to analyze systems and processes and suggest solutions for increased productivity and efficiency. I am ready to join your organization and make a significant contribution to your team and organization’s brand.

Utilizing a blend of 35 years of experience, special gifts, unique abilities and the operational skills of Leadership, Team Building, Discernment, Analysis, Administration, Organization, I assist teams:

As a Mediator  Unfortunately, team members have disagreements. Those disagreements often lead to conflict. Work place conflict, when left alone, can escalate beyond control causing the loss of good managers, supervisors and workers. I have completed 80 hours of mediation training in Family, Civil, Commercial and Employment matters. I have been listed on the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Registry of Certified Mediators.

As a Financial Consultant/Analyst – I’ve served as a Capital Campaign Consultant and have developed a proven resource to increase revenue. I have analyzed many non-profit’s financial policies and procedures; sometimes in the midst of a discovered embezzlement. I conduct a “Financial Review,” something like an audit without the professional endorsement. I provide guidance on the correct federal (IRS) tax regulations, policies and procedures that can protect a church from financial liability.

As a Leadership Coach – Using the The Real You personal assessment tool I developed, individuals learn how to better understand themselves and others – “what makes them tick”. When pastors, staff and church members learn how to better understand each other and spot potential areas of disagreement, conflict is inherently reduced; and sometimes eliminated!

As a Analyst/Marketing Specialist – Being an award-winning regional sales manager, I understand effective and creative marketing.  I have helped churches and organizations through the complete process of “rebranding”: including logos, colors, letterhead and church signage. I make recommendations about membership/accounting software, digital technology and proper usage of building and space issues.

As a Conference leader – I have shared the “Understanding Those Millennials” conference locally, regionally and nationally. I provide direction and organizational structure for small teams up to large, multi-faceted teams.
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  • I have also been a manager in the food service industry on three occasions; excelled as a regional sales manager by landing some of the largest accounts in the firm’s history, I have maintained a personal/marriage counseling ministry for over 20 years. My hobby is diagnosing and fixing almost anything that is broken. My specialty is small engine repair.


• MASTER OF DIVINITY – New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Graduated 1997
• MASTER OF DIVINITY – SWBTS, FT. Worth, TX 1982-1985 (attended)
• BACHELOR OF SCIENCE – Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, MS Graduated 1982
• BACHELOR OF ARTS – Delta State University, Cleveland, MS 1976-1979 (attended)

• Certified Mediator – Civil, Commercial & Employment. Louisiana State Bar Association-ADR
• Certified Mediator – Family/Divorce & Child Custody. Louisiana State Bar Association-ADR

• Skilled in – Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Audio / Visual Applications
• Proficient in – WordPress Web Design, Server & Wi-fi Networking,
• Understands Digital VoIP Phone Systems, Laptop & Desktop Applications, Smart Phones,
•Membership Database Software.

• Award-Winning Regional Sales Manager – captured the largest accounts in company history
• Sales Manager for Preneed Funeral Programs
• Assisted in the Corporate Rebranding Process (at a large corporation)
• Guided the complete Corporate Rebranding Process (at a smaller corporation)
• Produced necessary resources to market a global funding platform
• Guided the complete development of a corporate mobile giving application

• Founded and served as the head master of a private K-8th school
• Created a Policy and Procedures Manual for office personnel
• Pioneered an intensive, 3-day Leadership Equipping Workshop
• Capital Funds Campaign Consultant
• Coached Non-Profit Team Leaders About Financial Procedures and Industry Best Practices
• Specialist on Federal / IRS Non-Profit Financial Guidelines
• Presented Conferences on Implementing Systems to Prevent Embezzlement
• Presented Conferences on understanding and relating to Millennials
• Presented Workshops on Reducing Conflict in the Workplace

• Owner – MJ’s Smokehouse & Catering
• Team Leader at Wendy’s Fast Food Restaurant Company
• Convenience Store Assistant Manager
• Delicatessen Short Order Cook

• Owner – MJ’s Garage; Repair / Restore 2 & 4 Cycle Engines, Parking Lot Striping
• Maintenance Team Member – Serviced Hydraulic; Pneumatic; Electrical; Mechanical; HVAC
• Manufacturing Equipment Operator – Cross-Trained on Small & Heavy Machinery
• Heavy Equipment Operator – Tractor; Fork Lift, Tow Motor, Combine; Cotton Picker
• Professional Cleaning and Auto Detailing
• Professional Lawn Care / Landscaping
• Parking Lot Striping

• Counseled couples, individuals and children with depression, dependency problems, relationship issues, marital issues, personal problems, phobias, compulsive disorders, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and paranoia
• Created The Real You Personality Profile. Gives individuals & teams the tools to understand the complex blend of their personality and how they relate to others. It is documented by a national big-box store to reduce workplace conflict and enhance team awareness and productivity. Given to 1,000+ people.
• Chaplain – Paid & Volunteer Fire Departments; Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team Member

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