Leadership Retreat at The Circle Church

RMStewart Consulting was honored to participate in the The Circle Church’s first leadership retreat. The Circle Church is a multi-ethnic, church start in Alexandria, LA. The main focus of the evening was The Real You; a personality assessment profile designed by Michael Stewart especially for leadership development and reducing workplace conflict. In addition to the leadership’s personality profiles, Michael led the leadership team in the “Next Level Teamwork” workshop. During this session he lists and explains the characteristics or “markers” of highly functioning teams.

According to the pastor and leadership team members and Stewart, the workshop was a huge success. Even though every team member is under 35 years of age, Stewart says “this team has as much energy, commitment and passion as any team with whom I have worked!” Using the survey given to participants at the conclusion of every workshop / conference, the participants gave RMStewart Consulting exceptionally high marks.

One of the founding leadership members stated:

“Michael’s The Real You personality inventory and leadership presentation helped us learn much more about ourselves and how to communicate more effectively as a team. His presentation on Next-Level Teamwork was invaluable for a church leadership retreat. I highly recommend RMStewart Consulting for your team or leadership development event.”

Attorney at Law & Leadership Team Member.

Stewart tells every Pastor, Director or Team Lead, “Time spent on developing and encouraging your team is ALWAYS time well spent!”

To inquire about or schedule The Real You Personality Assessment or a Leadership Workshop, contact Michael Stewart at michael@mstewart.org or call 318-623-5466.