Say No To Money

Most people don’t want a bigger slice of the same pie …. they want a bigger pie! The question is … then why don’t we have  a bigger pie?

Michael teaches pastors how to increase their annual budget by taking the fear out of preaching on money and making it a matter of discipleship. Are you looking for a fresh and practicle way to teach your people about biblical finances? If so, you need to attend one of Michael’s “Say No to Money” presentations.

Format: Say No to Money is a ninety minute discussion. Michael uses a logical, four-step question and answer dialogue that teaches pastors and church staff  how to take the fear out of preaching on money by making it a matter of discipleship!

Target Audience: Every pastor and church staff member that teaches believers about biblical finances would greatly benefit from attending a Say No to Money presentation.

What You can expect: Whether you have preached numerous sermons on money or have never preached about money, you will be motivated and encouraged by a fresh and exciting approach to the topic of money.