They Call Themselves "A Family"

I recently had the blessing of attending the COMPASS 2014 International Friends and Family Retreat at St. Simons Island, GA. These folks came from all around America and Canada – eh:)

COMPASS is a financial ministry that teaches a holistic, biblical approach to personal finances. Howard Dayton, COMPASS’s Founder, is also Co-founder of Crown financial Ministries with Larry Burkett. I have been around many of these folks since 2007. They are the real deal!

I attended the retreat planning to give back by leading a breakout session. But, like last year,  I received far more than I gave. It became evident early on, that the Lord used the Scripture to minister to others besides myself. Here are some of the “takeaways” of those who attended.

The Compass family continues to grow closer to our Father & to each other. This scripture has remained on my heart since our time together … Matthew 12:46-50 – Jesus declares that those who do the will of His Father are His family. Nothing compares to being in the presence of God with such dear servants committed to seeing His Spirit move. What a treasure to see folks come as friends and leave as family!   Dan Schilling – Executive Director North America, COMPASS-finances God’s way

More to come