Solutions for Life Revival


The Solutions For Life emphasis relies on teachings that are thoroughly biblical. Each sermon teaches people the reward and blessing of being faithful stewards or “managers” in every area of life.

Possible topics include:

  • How to Build a Happy Home
  • Mastering Your Marriage
  • Real-Life Relationships
  • A Know So Salvation
  • Figuring out Your Finances

The last message preached is about tithing and generous giving. The use of the “MY CHOICE” card, allows each believer to indicate a specific commitment to the Lord in the area of giving.

There seem to be trends emerging. On average, between 25% – 30% of people who respond on the “MY Choice” card say they will begin to tithe and/or become generous givers. As a result, churches are experiencing a 20-25% increase in overall giving.

People who attend these nightly sessions will receive what they value most … solutions for life!