Solutions for Life

Everyone has difficulties in their lives. Many are looking for hope in all the wrong places. Solutions for Life teaches people how to have a personal relationship with God and the reward of being faithful disciples in every area of life. Possible topics include: “How to Build a Happy Home”, “Mastering Your Marriage”, “Real-Life Relationships” and “Figuring Out Your Finances”.

Format: Each church has the opportunity to personalize the topics of Solutions for Life sermons to best fit their needs. This emphasis consists of 5 to 7 sermons, lasting 50 minutes to one and a half hour long.

Target Audience: Churches in need of revival and people with difficulty in their lives will find “Solutions for Life” through these Biblical messages.

What You Can Expect: Churches that have completed Solutions for Life have experienced, on average, a 15% increase in giving- with some churches experiencing significantly more. Individuals have experience a renewal in their relationship with God.