Not Enough Preachers?

A preaching draught? You’ve got to be  kidding! You can’t go anywhere without hearing a sermon about something.  From my perspective, however, there is a lack of preaching about the biblical principles of finances. Interestingly, it’s the topic Jesus talked so much about.  Almost half of the parables are about money and possessions. He talked more about finances more than He did about Heaven and Hell combined. Yet surveys in one southern state reveal that 68% of pastors do not have a specific plan to preach on biblical finances. Why is that?

Meeting with pastors about this subject, a number of reasons were discovered. The negative stigma attached to the topic of money is a major concern for pastors. Many believe, or have been taught, that the topic of money is not spiritual. After all, money is the root of all evil; as many  misquote it. I was taught as a boy that you DO NOT ask people about their finances. That subject is taboo … off limits.

Other reasons were voiced about why pastors do not preach on money as they do other topics. When all was said and done, fear was the number one reason . If Jesus spent so much of His limited time discussing money and possessions … why are pastors fearful of preaching on the subject?

The answer may lie in the fact, that while Jesus taught money and possessions are an integral part of mature discipleship, we have  isolated it from the discipleship process and made it a topic unto itself.  As a result, it has become an unpopular topic, to say the least! Many pastors, if they address money at all, preach a tithing sermon from Malachi 3:10. Far too little attention is given to sacrificial and generous giving.

Pastors, let’s place the teaching of biblical principles of finances into our disciple-making process. Let’s teach that “stewardship” is far bigger than money. Let’s teach that stewardship and discipleship are closely connected in the life of every believer.