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Leadership Retreat at The Circle Church

RMStewart Consulting was honored to participate in the The Circle Church’s first leadership retreat. The Circle Church is a multi-ethnic, church start in Alexandria, LA. The main focus of the evening was The Real You; a personality assessment profile designed by Michael Stewart especially for leadership development and reducing workplace conflict. In addition to the […]

Say No To Money

Most people don’t want a bigger slice of the same pie …. they want a bigger pie! The question is … then why don’t we have  a bigger pie? Michael teaches pastors how to increase their annual budget by taking the fear out of preaching on money and making it a matter of discipleship. Are you looking […]

Knowing Your Numbers

Non-profits face a unique set of IRS regulations. Knowing Your Numbers helps you maneuver the bureaucratic maze of red tape and provides solutions for financial accountability. Let Michael guide your leadership through the industry-standard policies and procedures and protect your organization from finical liability. Format: This consultation is a personalized strategy for your organization’s needs. It can include a […]

Solutions for Life

Everyone has difficulties in their lives. Many are looking for hope in all the wrong places. Solutions for Life teaches people how to have a personal relationship with God and the reward of being faithful disciples in every area of life. Possible topics include: “How to Build a Happy Home”, “Mastering Your Marriage”, “Real-Life Relationships” […]

Making Change

Biblical principles of giving and receiving – learning why you should talk about money – giving people practical tools to reduce their debt Surveys reveal that the large majority of churches do not teach on the topic of money. This is unfortunate because Jesus talked more about money and finances than any other subject. Let Michael […]

Helping Your Team Reach Their Full Potential!

How do I best relate with those around me? The REAL You personality assessment tool will reveal your natural personality and unlock the basic truths of how to connect to others. Michael believes everyone has the potential to become a leader. In a “The REAL YOU” workshop he will share his 38 years of vast experience […]