I received confirmation that I am now listed on the Louisiana State Bar Association’s approved Registry for Civil Mediators under their ADR section.

Throughout the United States, mediation is becoming a frequent alternative to trial. In fact, there are a number of local courts, especially Family Courts, that mandate mediation before adjudication. For one reason, courts are over burdened with cases; many deemed frivolous. Another reason is that a law suit and trial can be very costly! Still another reason for mediation is that the accepted resolution, or outcome, has been achieved through a “reasoned” and thoughtful process by both parties. That being the case, some consider the main reason mediation is becoming a popular alternative to trial, is the success rate. Depending on who you ask, the success rate for mediation can be anywhere from 50%-85% …

I believe mediation has the potential to bring an acceptable resolution to any situation; especially if both parties give it a fair chance. I look forward to helping clients in my area find an amicable resolution to their difficulties before going to court.