Easter Foolishness – from The Shepherd’s Connection

According to Joe McKeever, there are a number of things a pastor should strongly consider not doing on Easter Sunday. In a recent post, he listed 12. I agree with Joe’s assessment and experience. I am guilty of violating several of the suggestions. While you may not agree with all 12,  you can appreciate Joe’s desire to help and see the list as a trove of wisdom worth considering. McKeever’s post was reprinted by Tim Patrick’s “The Shepherd’s Connection”. As a Director of Missions with a shepherd’s heart, Tim wants to help pastors maximize their effectiveness in reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ on all 52 Sundays of the year!  Thanks Tim for reminding us that every opportunity to share the gospel is a sacred moment and deserves our BEST effort! To see the post in The Shepherd’s Connection, go to http://www.theshepherdsconnection.org/item/328-easter-foolishness