More Than Just “Knowing”

I have several people that I am close to … my wife being holding the number one spot! I also have “guy” friends. A common factor in each of those relationships is the time and energy I spend developing them. Because I like these individuals, I let them get close to me and I want to get close to them. I enjoy knowing more about them; their favorite color, favorite hobby, favorite vacation spot. Moving to that depth in a relationship takes tremendous investment.

In John’s Gospel (John 15:14-15) Jesus added a radically new element to our relationship with God. He told His disciples they could be His FRIENDS by keeping His commands “teachings”. Just think, more than knowing God or even loving God, we can get close to Him and get to know Him as we would a good friend! But good relationships take investment. Do you enjoy spending enough time getting to know Jesus? Are you close to Jesus? Does He call you friend?