Millennials Have a Point

As parents of Millennials (those born form 1982-2000) we have a lot to learn.  Boomers, those of us born from 1946-1964, were raised by parents, generally a father and a mother, that, for the most part, used the “old ways” to inculturate us. While there were some differences in tactics, for the most part, our parents didn’t stray far from their “raisings”.

In my opinion, Millennials have grown up quite differently. They experienced life-changing technology early in life. Many were raised by one parent  or were raised by grandparents. Turmoil in the Middle East was headline news for much of their life. Maybe the most traumatic influence in their lives is the discouraging breakdown of family and religion (a local church).

As a result, they view life through a prism that is quite different than their parents. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking every succeeding generation is different than their parents; and you are right. Millennials have many of the generational characteristics we applaud but they arrive at them quite differently.

In the coming days, I will share how my millennials (my son and my daughter) have challenged my traditional viewpoint.