How Much Should I Give?

Should a believer tithe or give? The answer is … YES!  How much money a Believer should give to their place of worship may be the least discussed and most misunderstood teaching in the Church.

Did you know: there are 2350 verses in the Bible about money and possessions? 15% of everything Jesus said was about money and possessions. He spoke more about money and possessions than any other single topic. Nearly half of the parables taught by Jesus were about money and possessions. If teaching about money was a major focus of Jesus ministry, why are we put off by it today? To be faithful, obedient disciples we must have a biblical understanding about money and possessions!

The notion that Christians should give a full ten percent of their  income is hotly debated and seldom practiced. According to the Empty Tomb and others, for the past 25 years, the average professing Christian in America has given 2% of their income to their place of worship. The number of professing Christians who give a true tithe is somewhere between 5-10%. Since there seems to be such ambiguity on the subject, let’s understand what the Bible has to say.