A Church’s Nightmare – The Misappropriation of Funds.

When the misappropriation of funds occurs, it does far more than we want to admit. Most congregations look the other way or choose not to deal with it at all! I know of six congregations, and have helped two, within the last six years that have dealt with the heartache and agony of misappropriation of […]

It Can Be Done – 5 Keys to a Successful Ministry Termination

We’ve heard the horror stories. Churches, pastors and ministry staff having a blowup and then a blowout. Those occasions are a shame to the name of Christ and a blot on the cause of Christ! The Scripture is very clear. Believers should never allow a situation to go that far; yet it happens every day. […]

You Can’t Have One Without the Other

This sermon was preached at First Baptist Church of Pineville, Louisiana on April 8, 2012.

How Much Should I Give?

Should a believer tithe or give? The answer is … YES!  How much money a Believer should give to their place of worship may be the least discussed and most misunderstood teaching in the Church. Did you know: there are 2350 verses in the Bible about money and possessions? 15% of everything Jesus said was […]

Biblical Salvation

Survey data reveals that 65% of Christians in America believe there are multiple paths to eternal life; denying the exclusive claim of Jesus  (Pew Research Center ) When you drill down to it, at some point, people are searching for hope and peace. They search in various places thinking at some point they will discover the solution […]

One Pastor Gets It Right!!

Pastor Micah Fries writes about the difference of giving “through” the Cooperative Program versus “to” the Cooperative Program. He clearly articulated the message that it is no longer the process of cooperation that is the compelling factor but the results of cooperation, “life-change,” that is the compelling force that stimulates us to cooperate together. Read […]