More Than Just “Knowing”

I have several people that I am close to … my wife being holding the number one spot! I also have “guy” friends. A common factor in each of those relationships is the time and energy I spend developing them. Because I like these individuals, I let them get close to me and I want […]

Good Leadership Makes It Happen

Everyone wants to go to new heights. Unfortunately, most never make it off the ground.

Responding to Mistakes: Career Builder or Career Killer?

Everyone makes mistakes! Well almost. One of my mentors once said, “There are two people who never make mistakes … those who are six feet under and those who never do anything”. Leaders do things! They influence others by mentoring, coaching or motivating them to a desired place; an end result. To move people forward, […]

Tell Your Story

Your story is utterly unique and the world needs to hear it.

Praying for Wisdom

Paul prayed that the church at Colossae would have the spiritual wisdom to live as overcomers.

Misappropriation of Funds – The Simple Fix (Part 2)

Now that the subject has been broached, let’s discuss how to keep it from happening at your church or organization. Insurance statistics tell us that missing funds generally involve: A female, age 40 or older A church member The only person to account for designated funds or other accounts The person who reconciles the bank […]