About Me

What could happen if church members, pastors and staff worked to find God’s will and plan for their life? Studies indicate that most people do not prefer mediocrity. Given the opportunity, they desire to excel! All they need is encouragement and training.

For more than 30 years I’ve led people to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. I am passionate about mentoring/disciplining followers of Jesus to reach the mark of obedience and faithfulness. I write about leadership, finances, marketing and coaching on the blog portion of this website. I am the CEO “Chief Excellence Officer” at RMStewart Consulting, LLC.

I Assist Churches:

As a Preacher/Speaker – I am available for Transitional Interim Pastor, Revivals or Supply Preaching. As a pastor/preacher and student of God’s Word, I have been blessed to preach for churches in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. My sermon style could be described as expository/teaching. My content is often filled with edification to the church to be devoted disciples of Christ our Lord.

As a Certified Mediator  Unfortunately, members of churches have disagreements. Those disagreements often lead to conflict. We are losing hundreds of pastors and staff every month to forced termination/resignation. I have completed 80 hours of mediation training in Family, Civil, Commercial and Employment matters. I am listed on the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Registry of Certified Mediators.

As a Financial Consultant/Analyst – I’ve served as a Capital Campaign Consultant and have developed a proven resource to increase a church’s tithes and offerings. I have analyzed many churches’ financial policies and procedures; sometimes in the midst of a discovered embezzlement. I conduct a “Financial Review,” something like an audit without the professional endorsement. I provide guidance on the correct federal (IRS) tax regulations, policies and procedures that can protect a church from financial liability.

As a Leadership Coach – Using the The Real You personal assessment tool I developed, individuals learn how to better understand themselves and others – “what makes them tick”. When pastors, staff and church members learn how to better understand each other and spot potential areas of disagreement, conflict is inherently reduced; and sometimes eliminated!

As a Analyst/Marketing Specialist – Being an award-winning regional sales manager, I understand effective and creative marketing.  I have helped churches and organizations through the complete process of “rebranding”: including logos, colors, letterhead and church signage. I make recommendations about membership/accounting software, digital technology and proper usage of building and space issues.

As a Conference leader – I have shared the “Understanding Those Millennials” conference locally, regionally and nationally. I provide direction on Sunday School, Small Groups and Community/Life Groups.
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My Biography

I am happily married to Joanna … the love of my life!  We have two great kids, Joshua who is on the Geek Squad at Best Buy and my sweet daughter Meredith, who has a degree in meteorology and is a successful banker. My alma maters include Blue Mountain College in Blue Mountain, MS and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans, LA.

For 39 years I have served the local church. My ministry is characterized by teaching, personal evangelism and inspiring others to become faithful disciples of Christ Jesus. From those years of experience came the unique opportunities to plant a church and start a Christian school.

I have also been a manager in the food service industry on three occasions; excelled as a regional sales manager by landing some of the largest accounts in the firm’s history, I have maintained a personal/marriage counseling ministry for over 20 years. My hobby is diagnosing and fixing almost anything that is broken. My specialty is small engine repair.

My Blog

My blog is a place where I collect information and ideas on leadership, finances and other topics. I want to expand the conversation to readers by writing and posting useful content that will motivate them to strive for excellence. All ideas, thoughts, and content belong to me. ANY attempt  to revise, repost or reuse images, ideas or content, without written consent, is a violation and may be subject to penalty.

My Resume

I believe the call to follow Christ is a life-long pursuit of daily surrender. I have consistently led believers to become Spirit-led and Spirit-filled disciples of Jesus. I will continue to model a passion for evangelism and discipleship. I will challenge the church to serve the Lord Jesus with a spirit of excellence. I will unreservedly teach that the Bible is the only inerrant source of truth. I will fervently lead believers to be salt and light and will guide the Lord’s church to be decidedly missional.


ORDAINED – 1982 – FBC Batesville, MS
LICENSED – 1979 – FBC Batesville, MS

MARRIED – to Joanna Loper Stewart on 9-18-1983. Joanna has a Master of Arts in Religious Education degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from McNeese State University. Joanna is a respected Childhood Education Specialist/Consultant, a sought after conference leader and a noted Daycare Consultant. She retired as a highly successful 5th – 7th grade teacher. Both of our grown children, Joshua and Meredith, are in leadership roles at Circle Church; a new church start in Alexandria, LA.

• MASTER OF DIVINITY – New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Graduated 1997
• MASTER OF DIVINITY – SWBTS, FT. Worth, TX 1982-1985 (attended)
• BACHELOR OF SCIENCE – Blue Mountain College, Blue Mountain, MS Graduated 1982
• BACHELOR OF ARTS – Delta State University, Cleveland, MS 1976-1979 (attended)

Unbudgeted position; accepted on a non-permanent basis.
• Reshaped the Small Group Bible Study ministry. The average attendance increased by 30%.
• Executed a comprehensive evangelism and disciple-making strategy.
• Shared the pulpit responsibilities with the Senior Pastor.
• Developed plans for and directed a complete remodel of the Children’s Discipleship area.
• Re-energized and led the recruitment of workers for AWANA ministry.
• Directed a complete upgrade of the church’s network, audio / visual technology; a digital VoIP phone system. Implemented a new church membership and accounting software.
• Initiated and guided to completion the eChurch – Pushpay mobile giving application.

• Created the “Money IS Discipleship” approach to teach financial stewardship as a spiritual discipline and presented it locally, regionally and nationally.
• Created the Solutions For Life Revival to teach the doctrine of Lordship through a series of specialized sermons. Most churches received a significant increase in discipleship and finances following each revival. Several experienced an historic increase in offerings.
• Coached Pastors and Church Leaders about financial policies and procedures. Presented conferences on federal / IRS non-profit financial guidelines and industry best practices.
• Helped guide and market an international church and missions funding platform.

• Provided weekly oversight of the evangelism and assimilation ministry of a 5,000-member church. The church averaged 120+ baptisms per year. More than 80% of new members were assimilated into membership and more than 60% assimilated into ministry.
• Shared the pulpit responsibilities with the Senior Pastor.
• Pioneered an intensive, 3-day, “Share Your Faith” workshop. Trained over 100 people.
• Established a creative platform to reveal new member’s spiritual gifts and personality.
• Guided new church members into the ministry area of their spiritual giftedness.
• Led in the development of a new church logo.

• Founding and Lead pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in San Marcos, TX.
• Restructured each Evangelism/Discipleship Ministry resulting in record attendance and baptisms.
• Founded and served as head master of a private K-8th school with 25 staff and 85 students.
• Presented Small Group Bible Study and Growth conferences in MS, TX and LA.
• Developed a Policy and Procedures Manual for church personnel.
• Renovated buildings, continued building programs, accelerated debt elimination.
• Led churches to adopt a “vision–driven” ministry model.

• Transitional Pastor – (LA) FBC, Evangeline, FBC, Jennings, Green Oak B.C.
• Nominating Committee – Southern Baptist Convention
• Chairman, Nominating Committee – Louisiana Baptists
• Treasurer, Stewardship Development Association – SBC Stewardship Directors
• Chaplain – Lake Charles Fire Department, Lake Charles, LA. Member of the C.I.S.D. Team.
• Capital Funds Consultant. Raised 90% of a renovation project. Average is 70%.

• Certified Mediator – Civil, Commercial & Employment. Louisiana State Bar Association-ADR
• Certified Mediator – Family/Divorce & Child Custody. Louisiana State Bar Association-ADR
• Transitional Pastor Certification – LifeWay Christian Resources
• Purposeful Interim Certification – New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
• Church Breakthrough Consultant – Mississippi Baptist Convention Board

Dr. Fred Luter, Senior Pastor – Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA
Dr. John Yeats, Executive Director – Missouri Baptist Convention
Rev. Steve James, Senior Pastor – Trinity Baptist Church, Lake Charles LA
Dr. Kevin Stewart, Senior Pastor – McClendon Baptist Church, West Monroe, LA
Mr. Howard Dayton, Founder & CEO – COMPASS-finances God’s way, Sanford, FL

BLOG – MSTEWART.ORG Sermons; Blog Posts; Endorsements

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